Support to effective - an affective - communication of the EUSBSR

This is an introduction to a communication tool kit compiled by “Let’s communicate!” project which functions as the current EUSBSR Communication Point.


The tool kit is designed to support especially the communication of three key EUSBSR stakeholder groups that have central positions in communicating the EUSBSR:

The contents are based on the several relevant documents describing the role and responsibilities of the key EUSBSR stakeholders, including especially

The tool kit contents are also strongly based on the results of an EUSBSR communications survey conducted for the three key stakeholder groups in early 2017. In the survey both the current state and needs of the stakeholders were researched. See the summary of the survey results here.


The tool kits aim at


The tool kit includes communication tools and materials to all EUSBSR communicators but also targeted contents to each group (NCs, PACs & HACs and Flagships). The contents are shared at the EUSBSR website available for all stakeholder groups.


The tool kit was launched in 2018. It is however a "living environment" and feedback/suggestions/ideas/requests for further contents are highly appreciated. All feedback can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Download this file (Let’s Communicate_survey results_Nov2017.pdf)EUSBSR communication survey: summary of resultsSurvey was done by "Let's communicate!" project in the beginning of 2017333 kB