”Let’s communicate!” project presents:


Meet your EUSBSR-match in Creative Lounge of the Strategy Forum 2016!


Feedback from previous EUSBSR Annual Forums suggests that participants wish more networking and meeting new people. Macroregional matchmaking allows you to “speed network” with many people to find out whether you have a future in cooperation.


-          3 thematical sessions – participate in one or all of them!

-          2 minutes for each pair to introduce themselves to each other.

-          1 goal: the more familiar faces, the more cooperation opportunities!

So grab your business cards and come to meet your match for future cooperation!

connect 20333 1920

See Strategy Forum and Creative Lounge programme on www.strategyforum2016.se.

More information about Macroregional Matchmaking sessions from "Let's communicate!" project coordinator miitta.eronen(a)centrumbalticum.org.