Baltic TRAM project is offering companies in the Baltic Sea region free access to analytical research to help them in developing news products and services.

Companies selected for support will receive scientific advice tailored to their specific business needs. More precisely, they will be provided with free measurements of material samples on micro, nano- or molecular scale, and consultations with experts in analytical research facilities and research institutes. Through these services, companies will be able to upscale the knowledge of their materials’ properties and help improve their product portfolio or in-house manufacturing processes.

See on the video what the call is all about!

Baltic TRAM

 More information on the Baltic TRAM project and the open call on the project website.


Baltic TRAM is an EUSBSR Flagship (belonging to a set of projects under Baltic Science Link) under the Policy Area Innovation, enhancing international cooperation of universities, research institutes, large scale infrastructures and industry - nation and region wide via improved access to analytical research infrastructures.